General Condition

These terms and conditions govern all contractual relationship between the User site owned by the company called SAS GREEN ASSOCIATES, company simplified capital of 15000 € uros shares headquartered at 29 Tristan Tzara street 75018 Paris, registered with the RCS Paris under number 792 005 472.
These form an integral and unique contract.
These Terms of Use define the terms of provision of this service and the conditions of use of the service by the user.
All site users undertakes to fully accept and abide by all terms and conditions included herein, and without exception or reservation.
As noted here that the validation of the order leads outright acceptance of these terms and conditions.
Only these terms and conditions apply. However, SAS GREEN ASSOCIATES reserves the right to unilaterally modify at any time.
As noted here that in the event of a change in terms and conditions applicable during the transaction, only the general conditions during the validation of the transaction on the site will apply to the transaction.
The term used herein is as follows:
The word "product" or "products" means any product offered by the site: mobile phone, mp3 player, laptop, gaming console, laptop or tablet PC.
The term "User" means any person using the site.
The word "User Data" means all data provided on site by the user.
The word "Transaction" or "Transaction" means the transaction involving the acquisition by the (mobile phone, mp3 player, game console, laptop or tablet PC) Company of a product belonging to the user.
The company called SAS GREEN ASSOCIATES relates to the collection of used mobile phones, mp3 players used laptop used, used game consoles, laptops or tablets used PCs, and other assimilated product, and for the purpose of supporting their recycled or reused in accordance with the regulations.
Thereafter, the SAS GREEN ASSOCIATES provides an opportunity for website users to reassign their old mobile phones, mp3 players used laptop used, used game consoles, laptops or tablets used PCs, and other related products, for a price set by the SAS GREEN ASSOCIATES considering the status and characteristics of the product sold.
a / Capacity:
Use of the service is strictly limited to any natural person legally capable and resident in France.
Thereafter, the user must legally be allowed to use this site.
This includes being at least 18 years old, or if the prior express consent of their legal representative.
b / Property:
The user must own the product it sells to the Company. It must, as such, be in possession of the title of the product.
Thereafter, the user is obliged to send the product he owns the company.
It is specified that the company shall in no event be liable in the event of a cancellation of the subscription contract related to the product sold to the company by the user.
In addition, the Company informs the user of the service that the proceeds received by the Company will be subject to a check in the database of lost and stolen goods, and it will ensure that the product does is neither a copy nor false.
In the event that the product is referenced in the database as Lost, stolen, blocked by a mobile network, or if it was a copy, the Company will promptly notify the competent authorities and the transaction will be deemed void and the product delivered to the competent authorities.

  c / Terms of transaction:
The redemption value of the product and the method to determine the value shown on the company website.
Prices set by the company are valid for a period of 15 days from the date of validation of the transaction by the user, and acknowledged the sending society.
After this period, the tariffs will have short rates on the date of receipt of the item.
The transaction will be effective upon receipt of the product at the processing center of the Company and its acceptance by the Company.
It is made ??on the basis of what was actually received by the Company (brand, model, condition) and not on the initial declaration of the user.
- In the event that the proceeds received and tested strictly in accordance with the original description by the user when the transaction on the site, the applicable price will be communicated to the user at that time;
-in the event that the proceeds received by the Company is not in accordance with the original description by the user, an email listing the state established by the company and the new assessment by the company in light of the state of the product is sent to the user.

The user will then have a period of 7 days from receipt of the product to make a choice:
- Whether he agrees with the observation made by the company, and in this case, the user indicates the company's response to the confirmation email. The user will then, within 5 days, the amount equal to the proceeds received and the condition reported by the Company.
- Either the user does not agree with the statement made ??by the company, and want to retrieve the product, and in this case, it will indicate to the company in response to the confirmation email.

If the user opts for the second choice, the return of the product will be at the sole expense of the user. The user must send a check for 20 € uros per product for cover postal and technical and administrative costs. Upon receipt of the check, the product will be returned to him, and the transaction will be canceled altogether.
In any event, in the absence of user response within the time limit (7 days of receipt by the company of the product), the transaction will be based on the amount recognized by the Company.

The value of the products listed on the website of the company which may be revised at any time.
It is stated that the goods not received by the Company shall not give rise to any regulation.
d / Transport and Delivery
SAS GREEN ASSOCIATES offers the user a and / or means to transport the product and the support costs of transporting the product. However, the company will not engage in any case, the responsibility for / or risks associated with the mailing of the product (such as theft, loss, damage breaks ...).
The transfer of ownership will operate upon receipt of the product by the processing center of the Company, the transfer of risk will also operate at this time.
  Thus, upon receipt of the product, the user irrevocably abandon the product for the benefit of the Company which will own at that time.
At any time, the company may abandon the transaction. In this case, the User will be notified and the Product will be returned as soon as possible without charge.
e / Personal data:
Regarding the exchange of data via the Internet, the user agrees to have perfect knowledge of the existence of limits and constraints to the Internet and recognizes, as such, the impossibility of a total guarantee of security data exchange.
With regard to the personal data contained in the product, the company called SAS GREEN ASSOCIATES recommends its customers to remove all personal data contained in their product and / or retain memory and SIM cards.
For its part, the company is obliged to proceed with the destruction of all personal data, memory cards and SIM cards, which may in no case be returned to the user.

f / Quality of Service:
To ensure quality service, the company reserves the right to terminate, suspend or change without notice access to all or part of the service.
Under no circumstances does this interruption avoid interruption entitled to compensation.

These general conditions are governed by French law.
In case of dispute and failing agreement, the dispute will be governed by French law, brought before the competent French jurisdiction.
Pursuant to Article 32 of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 "and Freedoms", the company called SAS GREEN ASSOCIATES has a computer for processing the performance of its business. To this end, the company is allowed to store data about the user.
The user can exercise their access and correction rights to data about the customer to the service of society: